Vehicles Scanning System

Sphere - Mobile, rapid deployment vehicles scanning system

SPHERE is a comprehensive, relocatable, rapidly deployed, and affordable multi-sensor solution detecting explosives, improvised explosive devices and explosives precursors in vehicles and cargo. SPHERE includes a range of explosive detection systems along with vehicle scanning and inspection systems, license plate recognition (LPR) systems, aerial surveillance means, Counter-IED jammers, communications and video recording. Deployed as part of roadblocks and security posts inspection posts, SPHERE provides law-enforcement agencies the ability to deter terrorist and criminal activity by effectively tracking the origins, movements, and location of explosive materials and narcotic substances. Applied in mobile, hand-held devices, and supported by mission control and communications, SPHERE enables rapid dissemination of intelligence and threat libraries, enabling security forces to focus on new threats or intelligence gained from forensic investigations of terror attacks or crime scenes.

Sphere Key Features


High Probability of Detection


Explosives, Narcotics Detection


High Throughput


Rapid setup & Teardown

Seaport Security

Mega Events

Infrastructure Protection

Check Point & Borders

Law Enforcement