Hybrid Detection Kit

HDK- Hybrid Detection Kit

A comprehensive chemical substances detection solution that can detect a wide range of explosives, explosive precursors, narcotics, and other hazardous materials, HDK employs different detectors using various detection and identification techniques, including laser Raman Spectroscophy, Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) and Wet-Chemistry (WC), alongside field-proven, localized Concept of Operations (CONOPs). This unique combination enables detection, interception, and intelligence gathering, resulting in the prevention of terror and criminal acts and a significant tactical advantage for law-enforcement and counter-terror operations.

HDK Key Features


Multi-Sensing Variable Form Threat Detection


Rugged, Field deployable, kit


Unified Decision Making Support Software


Safe & Environmentally Friendly


Seaport Security


Airports Security

Mega Events

Infrastructure Protection

Check Point & Borders

Law Enforcement