Handheld IMS Detector

I-SCAN - Hand-held IMS Explosives, Narcotics, Toxics Trace & Vapors Detector

Providing the best in class when it comes to sensitivity and probability of detection, LDS’s ISCAN employs Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) to detect trace quanities of low-volatile, organic substances in extremely low concentrations. A lightweight, portable device, the ISCAN operates as a handheld explosives and narcotics detector through two modes: swabbing for trace detection of narcotics and explosives across surfaces, fingers, hands, and clothing, and sniffing for airborne vapors and chemicals around suspicious objects.

I-Scan Key Features


Simultaneous Detection of Drugs & Explosives


High Operational Orientation


Affordable, Cost Effective Consumables


Non-radioactive Ionization Source


Seaport Security


Airports Security

Mega Events

Infrastructure Protection

Check Point & Borders

Law Enforcement