Remote Laser Scanner

R-SCAN - Remote Stand-off laser scanner

LDS Remote Scan (R-Scan) line of products presents a new approach in remote standoff explosives detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s). LDS’s R-Scan explosive detection technology has been proved to detect explosive materials against most common background materials such as metals, glass, cloth, wood, paint and soil at distances of up to tens of meters. This approach offers advantages in the detection of explosives not available by any other means. R-Scan has been field tested successfully and is undergoing integration with additional detection technologies as an integrated system.

  • Unique, Tailor made, Stand off real time detection
  • R Scan uses state of the art remote sensing laser spectroscopy methods for variety of explosives materials and IED detection
  • Bulk and traces detection from distance
  • Can be mounted on robots or armored fighting vehicles

R-Scan Key Features


Detects Explosives & Drugs at Standoff Range


Improvised & Commonly Known Explosives


10' Response Time


Maintains Operator Safety & Security

Mega Events

Infrastructure Protection