Innovative Portable Detection Solutions

Established in 2004, Laser Detect Systems (LDS) is a world-leading developer of stand-off laser-based trace detection technology, based on advanced laser spectrometry. Utilizing this technology, LDS has commercialized patented, groundbreaking systems for homeland security, law enforcement, military, and environmental safety. These systems enable stand-off, real-time sensing and trace detection of a variety of materials that have a distinct spectral signature without the need for sampling. These include explosives, narcotics, chemicals, biological substances, and other hazardous materials in solid, powder or liquid form.

Our mission:

To become one of the top three companies providing remote, automatic, real-time/on-line detection systems detecting and identifying explosives, narcotics, chemicals, and biological substances.

Utilizing our advanced, broadly-patented laser-based spectrographic techniques, LDS is ready to meet the technological challenges, expediting this lifesaving equipment to the market, providing an indispensable asset in the war against terror, crime and drug trafficking.

LDS is prepared to meet the most stringent user requirements supporting homeland defense authorities, security and law enforcement agencies, environmental safety and military users.