Trace Detector

T-SCAN - Explosive and Narcotics Trace Detector

A field test kit collection tool used for the detection and identification of explosive substances or trace residues using wet-chemistry – a highly reliable, and cost-effective technology based on chemical reagents that change color upon contact with a suspicious substance. Easy-to-use, safe, and unaffected by and extreme temperature, the T-SCAN detects 99% of explosives on the FBI Threat List, providing quick and clear results. When used in conjunction with wet chemistry sets, the TSCAN allows users to collect samples across large areas, surfaces, vehicles, body, clothing, luggage, and more.

T-Scan Key Features


Detects 99% of Explosives on FBI Threat List


Operable in Extreme Temperatures


Tests Provide Immediate & Clear Results


Optional Large Area Coverage with TraceSnif


Seaport Security


Airports Security

Mega Events

Infrastructure Protection

Check Point & Borders

Law Enforcement